JNs? Quarantine? Summer?

I keep hearing that 2020 is canceled, or that people wish they could skip to 2021. But… Why?

Above is a very privileged thought I keep having. I am so incredibly grateful to live in the Methow Valley where quarantine means being stuck on a 20+acre stretch of rolling-hilly terrain where I have a shooting range, mountain biking trails and skills course (built and maintained mainly by Papa-thank you), full garden (thank you quarantine gardening crew), slackline, ping-pong table, trampoline, childhood swing set, mini orchard, energetic and snuggly pets, loving family, and WIFI that encourages you to get outside (due to its unreliability).

But before I jump right into the Quarantine highlights, we got to attend the first half of Junior Nationals!

Mama and I rolled on down to Truckee early so we could enjoy some sunny days at elevation before the weather got sassy. Hannah came over from San Francisco and Pa made his way back from a work trip to Truckee to meet us all. I had a blast skiing with the regional Mid-Atlantic and Alaska teams in the week before PNSA arrived (thank you for sharing your wax!).

Then all of the teams poured in:

Opening Ceremonies

The U18-20 Ladies spent their time napping, knitting, eating green beans, and of course, reenacting the crossing the delaware with Leslie as our regal leader.

The Sandwitch

This photo holds a lot of feelings for me- mainly hunger, a little pain due to the level of crunch on the toast that the roof of my mouth experiences, I’d also say I feel a little sleepy-yet somehow energized courtesy of the best chomo (chocolate milk) on earth (pictured to the left behind the sandwich), but all around definitely a joyous experience.

I think that in order to do the photo above justice I have to list the ingredients so there is an opportunity for opposition before the masterpiece is recreated and understood as one of the best sandwiches of all time.

  • toast (preferably a whole wheat or rye loaf with some seeds n’ oats)
  • Dijon Mustard
  • lettuce (ideally lettuce, but almost anything green will do- I went with green beans once and it was absolutely wonderful).
  • cheese (pre sliced as pictured, or thinly sliced and evenly distributed if hand cut)
  • chicken or turkey (basically any meat will do, but always pre sliced as pictured, or thinly sliced and evenly distributed if hand cut)
  • raspberry jam (NOT jelly, while it is a suitable alternative, I have a bias because its just jello trying to be healthy)
  • apples (thinly sliced and evenly distributed)
  • Pesto
  • butter (this seals the last sauce away rom the toast allowing it to stay crispy)
  • toast (preferably a whole wheat or rye loaf with some seeds n oats)

It is important to layer properly, in order to have a sandwich that will stay together while you eat it and will stay as you made it for the duration of your sitting (this is for you crazy people that don’t inhale your food within seconds). I can’t stress this enough! You don’t want your pesto, jam, mustard, and butter all on the outsides, I would suggest using the jam as a glue to keep the greens or apples held in place. Another tip from pro-sandwich eater/maker to reader is to layer the loose items in between the consistent/solid ingredients; for example, cheese, greens, chicken (if its pre sliced).

I believe I had this sandwich at least once a day for just under a week, always accompanied by the Straus chocolate milk. Heaven.

The Relay

On our way to training for the relay event I got a text from my Ma saying “JNs is canceled”. Logically I retorted, “no it’s not” which was met with a “yes it is”, and back and forth like this for a bit. I asked if she was reading the correct sport, maybe Junior National curling was canceled instead- no. Then I backed up my argument saying JNs couldn’t be canceled, it’s already happening. Which was met by a screenshot of the announcement.

From the team house to the venue there was a dramatic shift in mood which was confirmed by the demenior and hurried packing that was in progress as we pulled up to the venue. But PNSA doesn’t give up without a fight so we *didn’t* organize an unofficial relay sprint sponsored by Corona. (I would include a video but my level of tech-savvy-ness is not up to wordpress’s standards).


Thus, I shall move on to the concluding venture of the trip, downhill skiing! Ah, how I love alpine skiing, every time I get out there I go back to being 12 years old, SHREDDING on the Loup Loup team.

Quarantine, oh what a blast! (Actually though).

Lots of school (not pictured), yard work, snowy backyard adventures with Theo, and great food!

Poker Night

I won our quarantine poker game! I think it was because of my lucky onesie from Silver Star.

I got a new bike, thank you Jason! The Trek Top Fuel 9.9 is such a blast to ride, she’s a great climber as well as being sendy on the downhills.

When you stand up too fast, a visual.


I made some crazy cute loaves of bread. Below is a slideshow of how I made the legendary loaves (I actually followed a recipe!(I usually don’t)). I also included a picture of the crumb at the end for my fellow bakers.

Group Activities

Then we needed more excitement so we created a disc golf course. I should clarify, by “we” I mean our quarantine clan which included my four person family, as well as Hannah’s classmate Payten and her boyfriend of the time, Stevie. The three of them had been planning on visiting for spring break and then going back to school, but then Corona hit so we formed a bubble.

The whole gang playing disc golf

Pasta Night


Yes, Prom. Laurel Springs Online School did have an in person Prom planned, but due to covid, naturally it was moved to an online venue… I casually missed this as I was off riding my bike. Then, Hannah had an idea to have a dress up dinner where we have a feast and get in our fanciest attire (remember, Hannah, Stevie, and Payten still only had their clothes that they packed for a couple of weeks in the valley- nothing fancy). Good thing Hannah still had her old prom dresses and Papa had a blazer from his MODELING CAREER!

Scroll through to see some truly fire photos of the fam:

Bread! (Yes, more bread. Always more bread)

Group Activities (because, why not?)

Dry firing with a view

Mohawk Season

Homemade Bagels


Super excited that Marine and Erik decided to move to the valley! Finally getting to train with Marine in person, has been a such a step up from virtual coaching. These are some shots from one of our first trainings this spring working on position and consistency.

Next up, I worked with some local up-and-coming biathletes for my 2020 ski dream as part of our Nordic Team fundraiser. I realized how much preparation it takes to organize and execute a training session, I found it difficult to give advice or make any changes to their techniques because of my worry that I may do more harm than good. It is a sort of dear in the headlights type feeling when you’re in charge, especially when you are not the athlete’s main coach.

Big thanks to US Biathlon for the masks, they’re great for being outdoors moving around and breathing deeply.

Mountain Biking Adventures

Quick recap: lots of riding, Liv got a new bike, Pa broke his wrist, and my bike fell off the back of the car; now Pa is healing and spin biking virtual courses, my bike got fixed up at the Methow Cycle and Sport– Thank You Ray! Ooh and lastly, I did a 100km jaunt on my road bike last sunday!

I’ll figure out how to put videos up here soon, might take a bit since I’m not too techy yet.

Hope you enjoyed the recap, and CONGRATS if you made it all the way to the end!

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