IBU Youth & Junior World Championships

Woah! I can’t believe this was almost three months ago. It feels more and more like a dream each time I reflect back on it. Getting to ski in wonderful sunny conditions while still having a cool ribbon of snow to race on was a huge gift! Not to mention being able to look up at the gorgeous snowy mountains that encircled us.

One huge milestone highlight of this trip was my first clean target in a race!
My legs felt a little heavy during my races but for the first time, my shooting is what carried me through my race, that was special.

Pictured below (first photo) is Václav Červenka, Lars Leopold, and myself. I personally think that this photo is a little funny, here’s why. I (think I) met Václav last year at Nationals in Jericho and thought ‘oh, he’s one of the older athletes that’s all fancy. (I have deemed most-all older, well known, confident, intimidating, and achieved athletes- fancy.) Thus, I was intimidated and tiptoed around him. Later that year, I became aware of Lars and his fancy-ness. So this time I decided to introduce myself at the Fall Festival in SOHO Utah. I recall it went a little something like this:

“Hi Lars! I’m Eva, my Ma knows your dad so that’s how I know who you are…”

Lars responded to my abrupt comment with something along the lines of, “Oh, well nice to meet you Eva.” I should also mention that he had just finished his race and was about to go cool down. Loosely taking note of this, I congratulated him on his race as he had begin to ski off. I was so proud of myself for going up and introducing myself.

Of course, when I looked at the team list for Youth/Jr Worlds I was notably shook, as I saw more fancy names scattered through it. It was wild, I scrolled through, getting nervous as I read, Václav Červenka, Lars Leopold, Chloe Levins, Maxime Germain, and Garrett Beckrich. I couldn’t believe I had made the same team as all of these fancy people. I was set at ease when I viewed the remaining names of all the people who I had trained and competed with in past. And of course, Eels- I was overjoyed to see that I’d have my big bro with me on this trip.

Thank you

I was inspired by the striking landscape and knowledgeable people I got to experience on this trip and decided to make my thank you cards for coaches and wax techs while on the trip rather than waiting till I got home.

Here is the first, and last painting I did on this trip.

One key take away from worlds:

Don’t wear shorts. You’re representing more than yourself. Even if it’s hot out; wear pants, its professional.

Oh! I almost forgot, after my first race I got randomly selected for doping control. The officials greeted me no less than two seconds after I came out of the finish shoot, informing me of the selection and the process as well as congratulating me on my race.

I was a little odd having to drink a ton of water just after a race, especially when it was followed by a very uncomfortable… I want to say thirty minutes? Of trying to pee in a cup while a very talkative but nice doping control official stood there watching me. Not to mention that there was another doping control official and one of the USBA support crew there watching the official watching me.

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  1. casacayuco says:

    So proud and happy to have shared it with you. Keep the stoke! Love you!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you were able to make the trip out! ❤


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