Finishing up 2019!

It only seems right to start from where I left off, November!

Silver Star BC

I got to shoot at the Sovereign Lakes range for the first time!!! I had been scoping it out every time I traveled up north to this beautiful area and finally made it happen! I huge thank you to the people that helped coordinate and plan to make this work.

Canmore AB

NorAm races:

I jumped in with the Crosscut Biathlon Team from Bozeman, MT for these races.

Super tour races:

Reunited with MVNT for these races!

Whistler BC

A quick trip to Whistler to visit some friends, and get some much needed time on a groomed range in with the local team! It was super snowy and beautiful out the whole time we were up there, a little difficult for intervals, but challenge is always welcome. (:

As well as training, we were able to see some old friends from Scotland and Whistler, I got to meet some new friends from England too!

Jericho VT

Jericho had some big races for me. Since I just barely missed the Yough Olympic team last year, this is what I had my sights set on. After accepting that I hadn’t made YOGs I took a breath and switched my focus. I put making the Youth World Championship team at the top of my goals for this season. this is because, not only is it an awesome opportunity, but it also automatically qualifies me for xc skiing Junior Nationals which is in Truckee CA this year.

At this point, I was able to make my recipe of sorts for success. I talked to my coach and went over the races, we went over my training plan vigorously and revisited it every week or so. Having this goal set in my mind was one thing, but to say it out loud and put it on paper, that’s what makes it real. I have parts of my process that stay in my mind, but my main outline has to be expressed somehow. I’ve figured out that writing it down works brilliantly! I don’t feel the need to share my notes with others because, well frankly it is my secret recipe for success! But I am not against discussing my process if it can help others find their own unique process that helps them become the best athlete and person that they can be.

But this is a tangent for another time, back to trials!

I went over the races, looked at the schedule for the weekend, understood and mapped out my recovery time, school time, and marked my training/race time with specific process and outcome goals for the races, and focus points for my training days. Then, BOOM! With a flash of summer, winter and spring weather, the races came to an end on the snowglobe of a day on the 31st of December.

And, the big reveal…

Youth/Junior World Championships!

I will be representing the United States in Lenzerheide Switzerland at the end of this January!

Running off to Switzerland!

I’m excited to announce that I am continuing my time representing and fueling with Honey Stinger, and have been selected to represent and be powered by Nuun this 2020 season!

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  1. Great work Bean! Can’t wait to hear my alarm go off at 1:45AM so I can tune into the live stream for your races. USEva! USEva! USEva!

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