Road Trip

Over the Cascades

pit stop in Seattle.

lots of driving

car camping,

long straight roads,

broken down car,

three hour tow-truck rides,

sketchy hotels, nice hotels,

more driving,

elevation gain,

a massive canyon,



I had the pleasure of training with the local Taos mountain bike team after my victory at the Ride the Rift race where I won an awesome pair of Pit Viper sunglasses and made a bunch of new friends! Then I got to go climbing with three generations of my family, my gramps- Tom Kimbrell, my ma- Rachelle Kimbrell Weymuller, and myself. We also played a new board game which is similar to Settlers of Catan (a family favorite), Settlers of America.


In Moab I had the opportunity to try out some riding on slick rock, woah, crazy stuff. Then we toured around the canyons on bikes at one point stumbling across a rattlesnake which wrapped itself around my tire when I stopped for a closer inspection. And then of course, I saw a beautifully paved bike trail weaving through a colorful river canyon area. I just had to go for a quick ski before our road trip back to Soldier Hollow. Also, my newly designed Methow Valley Biathlon vest came in the mail!!!

Soldier Hollow UT

Training with the Bozeman Biathlon Team from Monday through to Thursday with Friday as our official training day for Saturday and Sunday’s races.

I love the biathlon community, it’s so awesome being able to go to a camp and look one mat over at an olympian. It’s crazy inspiring and gives the goal of becoming an olympian feel attainable and real, rather being an outlandish dream goal.


I’m still in awe of how I’ve grow up and become one of the people I used to look up at. I’m a first year U18, I’ve competed internationally, made it to junior nationals, and won a national race for biathlon while racing up an age group. That’s crazy! This all hit me when I was at our first official nordic practice the other day after returning from SOHO. Laura had me as an example for a group of young skiers on our team. I was leading them through cones and showing them how to imitate skate skiing on dry land up hills. When I got to the top I would turn around to run back down. But I would see all of these kiddos reaching up to two thirds of my height looking up at me with wide thoughtful eyes. I am phasing out of that chapter of my life. I realized that even last year I could remember what I was thinking when I was two thirds of the older kids height and was looking up at them with wide eyes. But now I am at a loss, I couldn’t tell if they were confused, overwhelmed, intrigued, in awe, or just off in the wonderful place that is a child’s imagination. This made me feel old.

But it was clarifying to an extent. It solidified that I am one of the big kids. I’ve always been tall and treated as if I was a little older (when acted the part). But now I am older, I am tall, I am strong, I’m that kid in highschool that’s taking Chemistry and calling it Chem. I thought that high schoolers were so cool and that I’d never be one back when I was ten or younger. I was right. I am a different person now. I have grown, I have learned, I have experienced, and I have adapted. And now I am understanding that I am a role model and that I have the attention of the up and coming skiers on my team. I will not let them down. I will not slack off and leave the position unfilled, I will carry on the tradition of being the big kid. I think this is the closest I have gotten to feeling like an older sibling.

It is my time to give back to the community that has raised me.

By being the best me that I can possibly be.

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