Art, Because Art is Anything and Everything.

Thoughts 1

With life spinning around and rushing toward me like a tornado just off the coast of my present life I have taken a break from my blog (sadly). But I hope to be back on a semi-regular posting basis. I think that it is important for me to add that I am not just an athlete- while being an athlete is an amazing privilege and opportunity that I have had the pleasure of participating in-. I believe that for one to live their fullest life there needs to be some sort of outlet, but not just inthe athletic sense, in more of a creative aspect. Not everyone believes that they are artists or even capable of art; I believe that they are all terribly mistaken. Their very existence is art. Art is anything and everything- the great’s art is simply art that has received recognition for the way it has been perceived by a greater audience in a way that each person that views it has a sort of connection or personal attachment to the way they have perceived the art. Thus, this sort of art has been built onto the structure of teaching and added to the history of art because of each artist’s unique specific style.

Thoughts Continued… (At a Later Date)

I believe that too many people doubt their abilities because they’ve seen those that are so much further ahead of them and lost hope in their abilities. For many, this mental cruix comes up early in their adventure into their world of creating artwork. They see art as something that can be right or wrong- but this is a huge misconception, as I said earlier art is everything, anything you want to consider art is art. I have faced this simple but mentally taxing dilemma many times- but not just in regard to art, but in sports, school, and overall growth as a person. All of these concepts and what they throw at you can be overwhelming, especially if you’re just looking at the top of the mountain all of the time. If all you do is look at the goal, you’ll trip over all sorts of rocks and brush, so smaller, more concise goals that help you reach the top of the mountain.

This is an email I sent to my parents because I thought is was interesting- maybe you will to.

Here is something I didn’t need to write, but did…

Prompt: What three words describe you?

My Ma says I am creative, thoughtful, strong. I think these are accurate… But I also think that no one can truly know themselves for who they are as a person, maybe as deep as their soul- yes But even then it is a biased opinion, even if the one looking in on themselves is completely detached. We see others as their soul inside their person, thus including their appearance. With a person’s appearance in mind, it can change the tone of (or the entire) description someone would give another. I think that deep down everyone has the same elements of thoughtfulness, strength, and creativity. These are general terms that when said by one person of another are put into context and therefore given meaning. However without seeing what my ma sees you may never know what I look like, what my life is like, or who I am deep down, but you may associate me with the words my Ma chose to describe me by. Plus the additional thoughts and context of my person from my virtual voice throughout this course.

A morning text to the fam (5/17/19)

I think it’s interesting that most people think that they are in the right and that they understand more or are in a higher mind space than others- but if this is your mindset then it is only a setback because if everyone thinks this then if you recognize that you are not special in this way, but you are handicapping yourself by seating your mind on a high horse.

Road Trip Thoughts 10/10/19

Sometimes I wish I could pause time. I’d like more time to do all the things I haven’t done, learn all of the things I haven’t learned, and mainly have more time to think and contemplate without the time I spend doing that eating away at the limited time I have alive. I believe that contemplating your own existence is extremely important as long it is in a growth mindset that’s fueled by positivity and gratitude. It’s crazy how long it takes to master something (ten years), most people only have the time alive to master around eight things. How do you choose what to master? Also the first part of your life is just mastering the art of existing and understanding how to survive (everyone does this to some degree). I am 16 and a half now, that means that I only have a few more decades to master everything I wish to master. I want knowledge and understanding, I want to understand how everything works and why it works the way it does. But where’s the fun in knowing everything when most of life is fueled by curiosity. Also, judging by the statistic I read forever ago, with ten years per subject there is no way I could learn everything there is to learn and understand everything there is to understand… Unless I unlocked the secret to my own immortality, then I could become the most knowledgeable and all-knowing person alive.

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    “I believe that contemplating your own existence is extremely important as long it is in a growth mindset that’s fueled by positivity and gratitude.” Love this Bean.

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