2019 Summer Recap

This summer I learned the art of recovery, rest, and patience… or at least I was introduced to it and am working on it. I understood how to appreciate having a well and able body, some people aren’t as lucky as me and all of the other athletes I compete and train with. Every day where I can take advantage of the wonderful place I live, spending time with the people I choose surround myself with, and the activities I love is a gift.

Now that I’ve gotten a little sentimental, I can inform you of my ups, downs, and all the in between this summer! I recall that I left off with my mountain bike camp in June. After this awesome opportunity I went back to my usual training plan with a few chunks of recovery here and there.

One chunk of recovery took shape as a trip to see my sister, Hanah down in San Francisco where she just signed to their brand new triathlon team! I’ll admit I’m a bit jealous and wish I could do it with her. After a couple of days in SF we zoomed off to Hanny’s first informal triathlon where she crushed it and nabbed the top podium spot for herself!

Following this wonderful trip I had a couple weeks of regular training leading up to our Crownover Fest In The West (family reunion)! Since a picture is worth 1,000 words and screens are not always fun to read from, here are some pictures:

(I won the arm wrestle against Sims *first pic*, however Hannah has thrown a curve ball and beat me on my left arm! *Time to hit the gym*)

After our reunion I flew out to Vermont for Rollerski Biathlon Summer Nationals!

Once the races finished on the 18th we cruised on over to Lake Placid for the USBA Development Summit Camp at the Olympic Training Center! I think I’m in love with the supply of food and amazing company… I may have to return sometime.

••••• As for the training I think I have found a few(hundred) points for improvement •••••

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  1. casacayuco says:

    You so rock! Love you 🥰🥰

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