2019 MT Spokane JNQ #4

This weekend we had our last JNQ (Junior Nationals Qualifier). Starting the race weekend off with a quick ski of the courses for the weekend on Friday promptly after the refreshing four-hour drive to Mt Spokane. Post easy ski I was withering away in my hotel room due to some fat blisters complements of my new Speedmax Fischer boots. Luckily I had my knight in shining pajamas- Keeley Brooks, with a fresh packet of moleskin for my weekend’s races (it worked like a charm).

I went out with all of PNSA’s amazing U16 ladies in the 5 km mass start race on Saturday followed by an excruciating 3 km on Sunday which I was a bit sickly for. After the race I concluded that I probably shouldn’t have raced and just taken it easy- but where’s the fun in that? (:

Photos By Weymuller PHOTOGRAPHY

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