Race of the Methow

Saturday: Classic Sprints

Last weekend was the third Junior National Qualifier: Race of the Methow. Saturday was a King’s Court style of sprints. For those wondering how it works, I’ve gotcha. A Kings Court sprint is basically a sprint with no disqualification (setting aside technique infractions). Here is the order of Saturday’s races:

  1. Qualifier (interval start)
  2. Quarterfinal (heat of 6)
  3. Semifinal (heat of 6)
  4. Final (heat of 6)

The Qualifier sets the stage for the heats to follow, the top 6 fastest racers commence to the A heat, 7th through 12th are in the B heat, and so forth. Results are based on your Final sprint, however, it’s not based on time, but overall finish place. For example, if you raced in the A heat for the Final, you are guaranteed a top 6 spot, same goes for the B heat but instead with a 7th-12th finish place.

Now the question of ‘how do I move up?’ has hopefully entered your head. To change your heat you must finish in either the top two(move up a heat) or the bottom two (move down a heat), while the middle two placements stay the same.

Now that we are all on the same page, I will tell you the wonderfully captivating tale of battles won and lost on the beautiful cloudy, sunny, cloudy-and-sunny day of February 2nd, 2019.


It all started with the sprint course at Liberty Bell High School on the monstrous 1.1 km course. From the stadium out, down the facetious little downhill that brings you up to the doorstep of Double Staircase. Over the first roll of Double Staircase, a quick breath of downhill and it’s the final steps of Double Staircase before the rapid revitalization, pushes over top and down the back where that one turn is that anyone who’s not from here has a 90-1 chance of falling or sliding out on. A couple fluid rollers lead you into the showcase of flagging coated with spectators.

At this point, you’ve gotta really kick it into gear (if you haven’t already) and blast up the last literally vertical killer of a hill, round the V-boards, power up the last knoll, and sprint into the finish like your life depends on it.


I placed 8th (U16-U20 combined), therefore for my quarterfinal I was in- you guessed it! The B heat. Psyched on the high of racing with all of the older girls, I made the silly decision to go out and place a fat gap between me and the rest of my heat (unnecessary because 2nd would have had the same outcome with less energy expended). After my heat it dawned on me what I had done, I accepted it, and moved onto the semifinals. A heat with Ella Kuzyk, Novie McCabe, Greta Lach, Hadasa Lurbur, myself, and Lauren Potyk. This was a fairly intimidating heat, nonetheless, I put my worries aside and proceed as if it were any other race- disregarding the insane competition.


Beginning with a felicitous speedy start setting the pace of the next couple minutes of our lives. Finishing in 5th of the semifinal, I’m back to the B heat for the final, where I recognized some familiar faces from my quarterfinal, upon this recognition I decided that I would break away and try to gap the group again. Out of the start it was evident that I could accomplish this goal, even though the gripless herringboning up double staircase, and up the vertical hill for the fourth, and last time. As I rounded the v-boards, I found some insane energy reserve within myself and made a full out sprint to the finish, solidifying my place as 1st in my heat, and 2nd in the overall U16 category, and 7th in the overall U16-20 women’s races.

Saturday’s podium

Left to right: myself, Jori Grialou, Lilia Kuzyk

Post race activities

With Novie McCabe, Greta Lash, Annie McColgan, and Hadasa Lurbur

Sunday: Skate 5 km

On an unrelenting course, the U16 ladies embarked on the rollercoaster of a trail system on a beautiful sunny-Sunday morning.

In contrast to Saturday’s race description, I will skip my written account of the race, and leave these pictures to hold their worth of a thousand words.

Left to right: Lilia Kuzyk, Keeley Brooks, me! Bridgit Burns, and Jori Grialou

Post race activities with Ella Kuzyk and Hadasa Lurbur:

Dance Video

Sunday’s podium

Left to right: myself, Jori Grialou, Lilia Kuzyk (same podium both days!)


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  1. casacayuco says:

    Awesome effort, and great prose!!


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