Sun of a Gun

January 27th, 2019

This race followed the Ski to Sun race on the 26th, understandably my whole body was a bit fatigued however I had my coach Betsy Devin Smith, and both my Ma and Pa there to support me and push me to do my very best without relent. My legs were a bit resistant when I asked them to hold me and Eliot (my rifle) up at the end of the race for my two standing bouts of shooting.

Race video

For perspective:

This was a 7.5 km race- 4 shooting bouts ppss (prone, prone, standing, standing). Also, this race I was able to choose to carry Eliot instead of doing the rack to rack procedure like my age range usually requires(I raced as a U20).

Snagging first, and second overall to Lazo Gitchos (who had the same total shooting score of 9) by only 10 seconds
(keep in mind I had just skied a marathon the day before)

My final time was 35:06.1, with a shooting score of 1+2+3+3=9 (counting misses).


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