Ski to Sun

This Saturday I participated in the Ski to Sun Marathon and Relay (I did the marathon!) Begining in Mazama on the valley floor at the corral trailhead, down the valley to Browns Farm which throws you into the first long and surprisingly fast uphill. By the time I hit the downhill, I couldn’t believe I had already reached Wolf Creek and the crushingly flat but fairly resistant plains of the valley floor which the trail snakes across till it reaches Powers Plunge- the second, more grueling uphill of the course. Luckily for me, Laura has had us sprinting up and down Powers Plunge for the last week so I felt right at home and took my time and skied it efficiently and smoothly. However, the upper trails from Powers Plunge to Sun Mountain were the most challenging out of the whole course, I just had to keep thinking of the light at the end of the almost literal tunnel of trees harnessing the Chickadee trails I was gliding through. Fast forward 3 small hills, a couple flats, and a long gradual up and I’ve reached the finish chute where I challenged my companion of the last 10 Km for a sprint to the finish line! (we tied for 10th). Race Video 

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